Favourite Movies

Everyone has that one movie they can watch again and again. The team here at CyberaDigital are no different. We’ve put together a little list of movies we love to watch, quote and laugh along with….


Sarah, Creative Director – ROCKY


Rocky is my go-to movie as I really love the message it portrays.  Not only is it a good underdog story, it inspires self-belief and shows if you put in the work, anything is achievable.  Plus, you know…. “Hey Adrian….”


Michael, Creative Director – THE GOONIES


The Goonies is one of those movies I grew up watching. I like to revisit it every now and then because it brings back good memories of either watching with friends or with my dad on a cold, stormy Sunday back in the UK.  Every kid wanted to be a Goonie and go on adventures. This movie really has a great mix of family feeling, comedy and adventure.


Natalie, Design Director – THE LOST BOYS


The Lost Boys has a fantastic mix of dark comedy along with quirky characters and lines that you can quote and still find funny every time you watch it.  From start to finish this movie keeps me entertained and with a great soundtrack too, what more could you want?!


Ewan, Web Designer – THE AVENGERS


Being a huge comic book fan this is a natural choice for me!  With an all-star cast and the coming together of some of my favourite super-hero’s in one movie, this is one that I’ll be sure to keep watching.


Vichaya, Software Developer – AVATAR


Avatar came out at a time when certain special effects were new to the industry. James Cameron took a concept and made a really visually stunning piece of film that resonated with me. Being a lover of all things tech, the vision that the movie presents is one that isn’t far fetched in the grand scheme of things!

Moz, Senior Developer – THE GODFATHER


An absolute classic to wrap things up here.  This saga encompasses so many different elements. It gives us a movie that its impossible to walk away from without feeling like you’ve watched a masterpiece.  Casting such heavyweights like Marlon Brando and a still-very young but immense Al Pacino was a stroke of genius on Coppola’s part. Whenever I stumble across this iconic movie on TV, it doesn’t matter how far into it I may be, I will watch until the end every time!


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