Favourite Olympics Moments

The 2016 Rio Olympics are almost upon us, it promises to be a fantastic event full of great moments.  With that in mind, here are the CyberaDigital team’s favourite olympic memories…


Cathy Freeman wins Gold at Sydney 2000

Ewan, our web designer has picked Cathy Freeman’s gold winning moment from Sydney 2000.  Over 112,000 people packed into the Olympic Park to witness Freeman run her way into the nation’s hearts.


Derek Redmond’s inspirational but heartbreaking 400m run at Barcelona in 1992

Michael, our Creative Director has gone for this moment from 1992.  Derek Redmond was a medal hopeful for Team GB in 1992.  Redmond arrived in Barcelona determined to win a medal, it didn’t matter what colour the medal was, he just wanted to win one!  Halfway through the run, Redmond’s hamstring gave way and he fell into a heap on the ground.  Determined to finish the race, he picked himself up and with the help of his father hobbled his way across the finish line.


Australia wins 4 x 100 Swim Relay at Sydney 2000

Sarah, our Creative Director fondly remembers this moment. The US swim team had promised to “smash the Aussies like guitars” in the lead up to the race, however, the Aussies had other ideas!  The team of Michael Klim, Chris Fydler, Ashley Callus and Ian Thorpe swam to victory and proceeded to play Air Guitar in celebration.. a thinly veiled response to the US Team’s pre-race promise!


Eric the Eel at Sydney 2000

Natalie, our Design Director has gone for this unforgettable moment from the games in 2000.  Eric Moussambani was representing Equitorial Guinea in the 100m Freestyle Heats.  What followed in the actual swim has gone down as one of the most memorable moments in Olympic history.  Despite Eric taking the longest time on record to complete the swim, he not only set a personal best for himself but a new world record for his country


Greg Louganis’ amazing comeback to win Gold at Seoul 1988

Moz, our Senior Developer has picked the amazing strength of American diver Greg Louganis.  Louganis overcame a potentially serious incident when he hit his head on the edge of the diving board during heats.  He overcame his injury to take to the board once again and produce some amazing consistency and eventually went on to pick up a gold medal for his country.


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