We love Melbourne

Melbourne’s gone and done it again!  For the sixth year in a row its been voted the World’s Most Liveable City.

The team here at CyberaDigital along with some clients and friends have picked our favourite things about this wonderful city…

Ewan Arnolda, Web Designer at CyberaDigital


For me it has to be the Queen Victoria Winter Night Market.  It’s a melting pot of Melbourne’s multiculturalism – great food, interesting people and fantastic entertainment!  An amazing place to enjoy a great atmosphere with friends and family.


Darius and Narelle Moore, La Baguette Cafe in Berwick.


Our favourite spot is Emerald Lake Park.  Not only is it a stunning location but it has personal sentiment for us both as we were lucky enough to be married there!  The views and surroundings are something to behold for sure.

For more information on La Baguette Cafe and how they bring a touch of France to Berwick, visit their website at www.labaguettecafe.com.au


Sarah Vitale, Creative Director at CyberaDigital


So many favourites, where to begin?!

How about a morning stroll along the Yarra, stopping to enjoy a coffee and a snack at one of the many little cafe’s along the way.  Next, I think a visit to one of the many offerings at Crown.  A bit of a gamble or some shopping before heading off to the Langham for their famous high tea.  There’s only one thing left to do next and that would be a nap before showering and heading off for a night on the town!


Vichaya Sunsern, Software Developer at CyberaDigital


The National Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda have long been a favourite of mine to visit.  Being a keen photographer, the vivid array of colours and greenery are sights that just take your breath away!


Michael Machado, Creative Director at CyberaDigital


Being from the UK originally and being fortunate enough to marry an Australian, I first visited Melbourne back in 2011 as we had a ceremony to celebrate our wedding up at Kinglake.  During our stay we spent a few days on Phillip Island.  Memories of my wife and I sitting on the beach, hot drinks in hand watching the Penguins waddle their way home as night fell are moments I won’t forget.  The fact that such a tourist hot spot is so close to the CBD is something you would never get in London!


Natalie Gatto, Design Director at CyberaDigital


Sorrento on the Peninsula is one of my go-to places in this amazing city.  It has a little bit of everything in one place, great cafe’s and restaurants, the beach, amazing views and some fantastic little independent shops and boutiques.  I’ve spent some beautiful times here with my family, definitely one of Melbourne’s gems!


David Thurmond, Owner and Senior Loan Writer at Mortgage Choice in Berwick.


There’s so much to love about Melbourne, but my favourite thing is walking along the Yarra River in the CBD.  No matter the time of year, you get post-card perfect views and there are plenty of good pubs and restaurants you can jump into along the way!

For more information on Mortgage Choice and how they can help you, visit their website at www.mortgagechoice.com.au/david.thurmond


Kim Dugina, Owner of FMN Home Furnishings in Beaconsfield.


Melbourne boasts a huge range of beautiful locations but one that means so much to me personally is up in the Dandenong Ranges and specifically Poets Lane. My husband and I were married there and its just one of the most stunning surroundings you could wish to visit!

For more information on FMN Home Furnishings, visit the website at www.fmnhomefurnishings.com




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