Measuring your Social Media success

Success can mean different things to different people.  Whether you’re a business owner, agency or a social media user, what does social media success actually look like?  How do you know you’re using it correctly?  What are the most important things to measure?


Audience Engagement

Engagement of a post is not only based on the number of likes a post can achieve. However, think about the action involved in “liking” a post. On a daily basis you wake up, reach for your phone and check for any messages or emails. Your next step is to get onto Facebook to see what’s happening in the world!

You scroll through post after post, occasionally clicking that “like” button but how many posts do you actually interact with? In terms of engagement, it’s not just about the likes. It is also the number of times it might have been shared and the amount of comments or interactions it gets.  The easiest way to measure how well you’re engaging your audience is to take it post by post and and divide the number of interactions by the number of people that have viewed the post.  This will give you a good indication as to the success rate of each article you post.  If you notice a decline in engagement, then revise the content and timing of your posts and see if this makes a difference.


Keep It Positive

You may be getting a high level of engagement, but what type of engagement are you receiving?  If your audience is connecting with you to complain or speak of a bad experience they may have endured then they’re not going to remain loyal, share your brand with their friends or convert from someone who shows interest in your brand to someone that purchases from you.

Be careful and positive about how you approach any negativity. Reply to comments and complaints in a positive manner and show your audience that you care about them.

Quality Not Quantity

Its easy to think you’re succeeding on social media because you have a high number of followers on your channels.  While its important to have a large audience to communicate with, numbers aren’t always everything.  What could be more important to you and your business is the type of audience you have. Use Facebook Insights to find out more about your audience.  What type of content seems to receive the most interaction?  Measure the engagement based on the overall level of interaction – likes, comments and shares. Rather than thinking that a post that received a large number of likes is your best performing.

Once you have a bigger picture of what peaks your audience’s interest, you can then follow on to segment data through other marketing channels such as email campaigns based upon the content people seem interested in.

Use Your Results Wisely

You’ve obtained a better understanding of your audience, their interests and the type of content that works for you across your social channels.  Now its time to research your audience. Find find out what other interests they have outside of your business.  Tie these other interests in with your social posts so that you appeal to not only what it was about your brand they engaged with but also providing a connection between you and their overall identity when it comes to how they spend their time on social media.

In closing, it is also important to remember that there is no right or wrong when it comes to social. Once you have established your presence and grown your audience, try different methods of communication. By doing so you’ll figure out what works best for you and your business.  Produce weekly reports detailing the engagement rates of each of your posts and build on that information. You’ll be able to not only provide your audience with interesting content at the right times, but also give yourself a helping hand as to showing that your audience are important to your business.

If you still want more advice on measuring your social media success get in touch today!


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