First Record Bought

Do You Remember The First Time?

This Friday sees the start of Melbourne Music Week. A nine-day program dedicated to illuminating connections between music, people and places within the city’s well renowned music scene.  Featuring up to 240 artists, Melbourne Music Week’s breadth will be felt in 40 locations across the city.

With that in mind, the team at CyberaDigital have decided to share with you the first record they ever purchased…


Carl, Web Designer


Carl’s first purchase was this seminal piece of work from British Britpop band, Pulp.  Released in 1995, the band’s fifth studio album reached number 1 in the UK Album Chart. It also won them the coveted and prestigious Mercury Music Prize in 1996.


Natalie, Design Director


Natalie’s first record purchased was Hangin’ Tough by New Kids on The Block. Released in September 1988, the album provided NKOTB fans with songs such as “You Got It (The Right Stuff)’ and the title track “Hangin’ Tough”.

Sarah, Creative Director


Sarah’s first album purchase was the legendary Prince’s 1992 offering “Love Symbol Album”.  Complete with standout tracks like “Sexy MF” and “My Name is Prince”. The album rightly reached number 1 in the UK and Australia.


Michael, Creative Director


Michael saved his pocket money long and hard to head down to his local record store back in the UK. Purchasing “Angel Dust” by Faith No More back in 1992.  Reaching number 2 in the UK charts and featuring the singles “Midlife Crisis’ and a fantastic cover version of The Commodores classic “Easy”. This was also the first band Michael saw live.


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