Why Google Analytics is a must for your business.

If you’re a small business owner with an online presence, we’re pretty sure you would have heard passing references to website analytics or site statistics.  How important is it to gain exposure and understand the statistical side of your website’s performance?  Read on my friends, read on.

Website Analytics

Generally defined as the measurement, analysis and reporting of a website’s behaviour. A tool used to better understand the way the website is performing and optimise the website according to the results.

To put this more simply, analytics provides you with data on:

  1. Who visits your website
  2. How they got to your website
  3. What they did once they got there
  4. Where they went upon arrival

You may be wondering that level of information Google Analytics provides you with?  Simply put, it provides you with a high level of data about not only your website but web visitors too.

Your Audience

Get detailed reports on the people visiting your website and their personal journey through it.  Learn where they came from, was it via your Facebook page or a Google search?  Learn which pages they interacted with, have they visited your website before or are they first timers?

By looking at the statistics through Google, you can define:

  • How many visits you are getting to your website
  • Whether the visitors are new or returning
  • Demographic data such as what country or city they are based in
  • What browser and device they have used to access your website

These are important factors to bear in mind when trying to understand how your website is working and what you can do to improve it. Google Analytics will also provide you with data based on what type of device users are accessing your website from. If it’s apparent your site is being viewed on mobile devices however no sales are being attributed to this group, then the likelihood is that there is something preventing them from purchasing.  Has your website been designed to accommodate visitors using mobile devices?  A responsive or mobile friendly website will make the customer journey a lot smoother. It will also ensure you rank highly within search engines. In summary potential customers are more likely to purchase from you and not a competitor who has a mobile friendly site.

You can also learn more valuable data such as which pages are more popular. How long visitors spend on your website. Where visitors landed on your website and which page they left from.

What does the term bounce rate mean?

You may have heard the term bounce rate here and there. This refers to the number of times a visitor has come to your website, not found what they were looking for and immediately left. 2016 studies show that a good average bounce rate (or an acceptable one!) is between 28 and 38%. If you are noticing pages on your website have a bounce rate of 50% or more, the chances are you need to reevaluate the content on that page.

It could be something as simple as you linking a potential customer through to a page that has an offer on it however the call to action or “buy now” button is not displayed at eye level or is difficult to find.

The beauty of a tool such as Google Analytics is that you can make constant changes to your website and Google will evolve with it. Therefore providing you with data at every step so that you can see what works for your business and what doesn’t.

If you’re running a campaign, be it through email marketing or social media, make sure you are tracking this through Google Analytics. That way you can get a good idea of which campaigns generated the most interest and revenue and build on these results going forward.

Why is Analytics important?

The main reason using Google Analytics is important is that once you understand your visitor’s behaviour, you can optimise your website to improve results.  To put it simply, Analytics provides you with the ability to make changes to your website based on actual data and not just hypothesised theories.

Your customers will also be thankful that you are taking the appropriate steps to offer them a user experience they can enjoy and not get frustrated by.

If you would like more information on Google Analytics or would like it installed on your current site contact us!


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