Six design lessons for agency life

We all know sometime’s it’s about learning along the way. In this post we wanted to share a few design lessons learnt during our careers. This isn’t a how-to guide but more of a way of looking from the outside in when working on a job.

Stand back

Look at the bigger picture. Sometimes it is easy to get stuck on the little details and forget you’re working as a team on projects. It’s is always beneficial to have a meeting with colleagues to get a view of the bigger picture and see how what we all do affects the project.

Be adaptable

Adaptability is a valued trait to have in a design agency. Sticking to your personal style won’t always be the right direction for the business. Be open to suggestions and try to stick to guidelines even if sometimes it does get a bit difficult. Creative flow sometimes has a way of taking you off on a tangent – which in terms of creativity is amazing but when you have a deadline it may add time to your job in hand. Lesson learnt.


Don’t form personal attachments with your work. What you think is good could be binned by someone else and whilst it’s frustrating you are working for a company and need to be able to let go of an idea should it not be aligned with the business.

Keep growing

Be on the lookout for new inspiration!

Always ask questions

It’s always better to ask questions in the beginning so you know you’re heading in the right direction than towards the end when you’ve taken one of your tangents.

Positive vibes

Be kind, everyone wants to work with happy people!


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