Tackle your to-do list like a pro

We know how hard it can be to cross those prioritised items off your lists, so we’ve put together a little go-to on how to tackle your to-do list…like a pro!


Don’t pile unnecessary items onto your list.  It will only hinder your focus and distract you from the tasks at hand.  Many successful people opt to complete around one to three of their tasks a day.  This allows for their work to be prioritised and will move the business forward in a positive direction.  Nobody ever got anywhere by procrastinating!


Set your day out and try to complete the first item on your list as soon as you get into work.  This will help you stay motivated and will ensure you start your day with clarity.


Always get the most important task out of the way and aim to complete that first. You will feel better for completing a major task and then you can focus on smaller tasks at hand then. This starts by getting your highest priority task out of the way before anything distracts you.

Release list

If you’re struggling or you keep getting distract red and your mind is wandering thinking of other things you need to do. Take ten minutes out, a small break to refresh and write down a list of things you need to achieve and complete in the next week, professional or personal. This will help you mind offload and give you a clear space to complete your priority tasks on your to-do list. If you’re not doing something to action these tasks you are just wasting energy thinking about doing them.


Sometimes the small things can grow into items that take up a lot of mental space. Maybe it’s a small item that hasn’t even made the cut for your to-do list but even at item such as cleaning your desk can impact on the other tasks in hand, because it’s really bothering you. Avoid losing sleep over things and ask yourself the simple question of whether the task you are spending time avoiding would take less energy to actually do it? Add it to your list and complete it! You’ll have new found energy for the next item on your list!

If you take each of these steps and use these as a guide you’ll be ready to cross every item off your list in no time. What are your top methods for tackling your to-do lists?


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