How to be productive when you’re totally unmotivated

The most challenging aspect of running a creative business is without doubt staying productive and motivated!

We all feel that drag in the morning before a big old cup of coffee as well as that post lunch lag when you’ve eaten too much – so what is the best way to inspire motivation and keep our productivity levels up at work?

Plan ahead

Have a short to-do list drafted before you leave work so that when you come in the next day you can tackle things head on. You’re more likely to be productive and alert for the rest of the day if you can get your high-priority task completed first thing! Whenever this is skipped, and we all know how easily this is done…sorry boss, but you end up sifting through emails until around lunch time instead. So, the lesson to this is to prioritise and start your list from the get-go. You’ll feel a certain satisfaction being able to cross items off your list too.


Again, not another one to skip! No one wants a growling stomach and it’ll be another reason to leave your desk feeling lonely and unwanted. I’ll be the first to admit that I rarely eat breakfast before work as I’m up at the crack of dawn but I do think ahead and make sure there’s some sort of snack in my satchel somewhere. Know the word ‘hangry’? Well that’s the word to describe me at 11am on a work day if I haven’t had my morning food fix. You’ll have more energy if you have some snacks prepared and even if it’s a quick desk dinner it’ll be better than being doubled over with hunger pangs.

A tidy Desk makes for a tidy mind

Get rid of clutter and clear the mind. Not only will tidying your desk and work space keep you productive, it’ll allow space for you to breathe. This goes for your computer, files and emails too. Organise them by category and make everything easier for yourself and those you work with, you’ll spend less time trudging through folders to find what you’re looking for.

Break it up

The best method to get through the work day with bags full of motivation is by working in focused bursts. Taking regular breaks to regain your energy levels and review what you’ve been working on will help you in achieving your tasks without taking too long.

There will also be some days that your motivation just won’t arise and for those days if these tips above don’t quite cut it to spur you on then that’s ok! Go for a quick walk, take the afternoon off, relax, take a break and try the next day! You’ll feel that motivation bubbling over tomorrow!


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