Sustainable Living in the office

Sustainable living isn’t just for the home.  We spend the majority of our time in the office now and more businesses are rightly choosing to go green.  Small changes to your daily routines and taking an approach to this can make a difference.


Simple but so beneficial to the environment. So many materials now are recyclable, take a minute to separate your recycling from your waste.


Turn off lights when they’re not needed. Most energy in office spaces is wasted through unnecessary use of lighting. Use natural light when possible and turn off lights when you’re not in the room.

Go digital

The greenest paper is no paper at all. Stick to emails when you can. Review documents online, keep files in computer folders and backed up rather than in filing cabinets. Send emails instead of letters. By keeping things digital and dematerialised you’ll spend less time flicking through paper files to find something and be doing your bit for the environment.


If you’re going to be using paper, buy the paper with the minimum amount of chlorine bleaching. Even recycled paper, in it’s processing, uses up a high amount of energy water and chemicals. When using and printing paper make sure it’s two-sided printing and if you need to ship or pack reuse boxes and shredded waste paper.


Turn off your computer when you leave the office. The loss of energy through ‘standby’ and ‘hibernate’ settings adds up quickly! Ink Far too many cartridges end up in landfills, their toxins then poison the ecosystem. Arranging for these to be picked up and recycled properly will take some of this weight off the world.

No Junk Mail

Ok, so no-one wants junk mail anyway – but if you can opt out of receiving any, take five minutes out of your day and do so! And if your business sends out advertising in printed methods, try an email method instead.

The healthy route

Walk or bike to work if your close enough you’ll feel better for exercising before work too!

Recycle appliances

Upgrading your office computers, printers or other goods? Call your local council for advice on how to recycling them, no one wants to see a working appliance go to waste and sit in a landfill.

Reduce and Reuse

Put really simply. Only use the things you need. By using things that benefit you as a company and avoiding using things you’ll only throw away you’ll save resources and get into a habit of living sustainably.

Not only will you increase moral by promoting that your business cares about the environment, it will also reduce waste and cut bills, giving advantage to your surroundings and your margins.

You’ll make a difference to your workplace and your environment by following a few simple steps and not only will it benefit the world but it also shows your responsibility to your clients and employees too.


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