How to step up your product photography

Know the old saying ‘a picture can say a thousand words’, well this true more now than ever. That’s why visual marketing works so well. It tells a story of the brand and allows space for that connection to their target audience.

Photos are so critical, it is the first impression of your brand. We form our opinions on imagery we see on social channels, websites, branding and we have made judgement on that brand. All in less than a minute.

Our customers buy into a feeling, or a story, not just a product. They want an experience and the visual message we are conveying gives them that.

Here are a few ways in which to step up your visual marketing and communicate your brand through beautiful imagery.

Convey your values – Choose style and elements that communicates your brand and its values. Your audience will trust brands that convey the same values in their products as they show in their imagery. Show quality, if your product is quality.

Colour – Communicate your brands feeling through your colour palette, offer colours that represent your brand. What are you trying What emotion are you trying to convey? How do your images speak about your brands personality? Is your brand professional and curated or organic and spontaneous? Greys will speak very differently to your audience than vibrant orange hues. Choose an appropriate colour and work with that.

Light – A critical factor in creating beautiful photographs, natural light is always the best direction to go for. Highlights and shadows are in the correct places, creating more depth and adding dimension to your photo.

Background – Just as important as the images in your photo, the background plays a huge role in how the overall photo looks. A few backdrops that work well are a white desk for a minimalist clean look, wooden slab for a rustic aesthetic or a marble slate for a more contemporary feel. Align your backdrops with your brand and make sure these are appropriate for the message you are expressing.

Placement – Everyone craves that human element, it’s good to show your personality through your brand so consumers can interact with you. Instead of just placing items in strategic places create a fluid image that speaks loudly and shows realness. Consumers will be able to relate that little bit more to your brand.

Intended and meaningful styling communicates your brands message and story. Think of your imagery as an exclusive invite to your brand. Marketing now can be aesthetically beautiful and not the old sales pitch method. Add authenticity to your story and relish in taking beautiful photos to communicate your values to your audience.

If the above still seems a little out of reach, CyberaDigital offers product photography. Send us an email to see how we can work together to give your products the online exposure they deserve.

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