How We Built Our New Website

Since we started CyberaDigital just over two years ago, we have had three different websites!  It’s always been important to us to have a website that moves with the times, the latest ideas and techniques.  Because, essentially, the core of what we do is design, we have always needed a web presence that sits at the forefront of our industry.

We’ve worked hard on each and every version of our website in the past, but we needed something that resonated with people and a design that said more about not only the services we offer, but the people behind the scenes, the team members that clients will end up building relationships with.

So recently, in between working on client projects, we made the time to create a third representation of who we are and what we do, while incorporating some cleverly thought out little features and design work.

What followed was a somewhat arduous process but the end result is something we all feel ticks all of the boxes.  It lets visitors know what we’re about as soon as they hit the homepage, it appeals to a wide audience – which is important to us given the range of clients we work with, its viewable and readable across all devices and it puts across that personal touch to existing and prospective clients that we feel is integral to our business.

The Process

Over several days, we locked the entire team in our boardroom (we provided food and water, they were all fine!) and took the project page by page.  Obviously first up was the homepage.  What did we want visitors to the site to see as soon as they entered the site?  What colours did we want to use?  What was the overall message we wanted people to engage with?

As a team, we feel that the clearest and most effective way of working is by taking a collaborative approach to all that we do, whether that’s when analysing client requirements or building our own website.  So, the most proactive way for us to decide on answers to the questions raised above was to all voice our opinions and decide on a way forward together.

As time ticked by and we started building the homepage, block by block, we started to really envisage the direction we needed to head in.  By defining a clear and concise message on the homepage, explaining who we are and what we do as well as how we do it, this led to adopting a more personal approach in some of the subpages (about us, meet the team etc..).

It was important to us to find the right balance between differentiating ourselves from other agencies but sticking to our core values of being an agency that builds long lasting relationships with clients through transparency, expertise and fantastic customer service.


The Design

Previous versions of the CyberaDigital website have incorporated a contemporary and fresh look and feel, our current website still does that but by using the colours in our logo throughout the site we are formalising our branding and giving people an aspect of familiarity they may not necessarily have seen from previous incarnations of our website.

One colour combination the entire team agreed upon was the use of Black and Orange, both strong and engaging colours when used in web design and by adding in subtle nods to the Green and Blue in our logo, the end result is clean, clear and (in our eyes) beautiful to look at on any device.

Speaking of devices, it was also very important to us to design with mobile in mind.  We speak about it quite often in other blog posts so we’re proud to say we practice what we preach!  Not all designs have to be compromised entirely when switching to a responsive layout.  We ensured that none of the content that can be viewed on desktop was lost when being accessed via a mobile device because that way we achieve consistency and give the visitor a user-friendly experience when navigating through the website.



The Content

You’ve heard the phrase “content is king” many a time we’re sure.  We try to steer clear of clichés as much as we can but it is essential to have engaging copy and imagery when thinking about a new design for your business.

Engaging to us doesn’t mean a heap of buzzwords and sales slogans, it means talking about the services we offer in a friendly way, it means talking about work we have carried out for many a happy client and it means trying to come across to our audience as openly and as honestly as we can.

From producing an area of the website where we give you a little history about how CyberaDigital came to be, to a portfolio that explains each project we have worked on in depth and carries the best endorsement we could ask for in the shape of a testimonial from our clients, we feel that our work should speak for itself and that’s what we have tried to achieve by writing content that stays true to our ethos and adopts a certain tone that people can engage with.



The Finish Line

Our latest website design has been live for almost two months now and we couldn’t be happier with what we have achieved.  Those first few days were like owning a new shiny car, where each of us kept visiting the site just to look at it again!  It did wonders for our own self-esteem and morale but not so good for our analytics.  Trying to establish how many unique visits we were getting each day ended up being a lost cause when we saw that most of the hits we were getting were from our own office!

It’s always a difficult process when re-designing something that essentially wasn’t that bad to begin with, but making the decision to refresh and regenerate can really give your business the kick it needs at times.  This can then motivate you to go out there with a renewed confidence in your brand and look for new business, new opportunities, safe in the knowledge that you have the web presence to back it up with.



We’re very proud of our website as well as of all the work we produce for our clients.  We work as a team to deliver projects that go above and beyond the initial requirements the client sets out to us.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss or need any advice on growing your business, please do get in touch with us!

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