What Makes Us Appy?

Part of working within the digital space is keeping up with the latest trends and technologies.  We’re all pretty social and spend an irrational amount of time on our phones, that sentence is irony at its finest.

With the advances of smart phones in the last few years comes the need for apps.  We download them all the time in an attempt to make our lives easier, but how many of them actually do that specific job?

We’ve conducted our own mini survey to find out what each member of the team’s go-to app is.

Nick, Digital Developer

I’m fond of the app, Stocard.  Its basically an app that stores all your loyalty cards on your smartphone, you just present the app at a cash register and collect reward points or discounts straight away.  It negates the need to carry numerous cards around with me all the time, so from a convenience perspective, its fantastic!

Natalie, Design Director

My favourite app would be Life360.  As a parent this app makes family life run smoother.  It lets me know where my kids and other family members are and even lets someone send a “Check In” message to let a parent know they got home or arrived at a destination safely.  Peace of mind for sure!

Sarah, Creative Director

As a big, big Hawks fan, the AFL Footy Live app is never too far away from me!  I try to get to as many games as possible but on the occasions that I can’t, having the app available to keep up with what’s going on is an essential!

Krissy, Business Development Manager

I’d have to go for Instagram.  I’ve become a bit of an addict, more so since working for a digital agency obviously!  Its also a good way for someone like me, who has moved interstate to keep up to date visually with what my friends and family are up to.. but I use it to stalk celebrities mainly!

Jack, Digital/Creative Assistant

Film is one of my biggest passions, I’m currently studying a Diploma of Film and Television so for me, I’d always choose Netflix!  Aside from the endless hours of viewing pleasure it provides me with, its also a good way for me to discover different genres and get inspiration for my own projects.

Carl, Digital Developer

Google Play Music, without a shadow of doubt.  I’m more Andriod than Apple so this is a natural selection for me.  Obviously you have the likes of iTunes and Spotify out there but for me Google Play works better because I can have all my music in one place and stream it from anywhere, your car, your TV, your phone.  It also provides you really great recommendations that adapt to your personal taste, so unlike old school radio, I can actually listen to what I like!

Michael, Projects and Marketing Director

This is such an adult choice, but mine would be Petrol Spy!  You do a LOT of driving here in Australia to get from one place to the next so having an app at your disposal that gives you a map view of where the cheapest fuel can be purchased is great.  Other than that I’d go for something like Duolingo.  I’m lucky enough to be able to speak a few different languages and have recently started learning Japanese using this app. Arigato!

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