We all hear about it happening but how many people have made a profit from social media? Well a few actually, turning a profit using social media for brands and businesses is becoming quickly recognised and lots of brands are scooping up the opportunity to join in.

We have put together a list of tips for making money on social media and how to apply these to a strategy to support your online marketing goals.


Leave your audience talking

Share something of value and worth talking about. You need to create an open dialogue with your audience. Give away valuable information and have a conversation. Consumers want to know they are being paid attention to and they will thank you in return by spreading a good word!


Be genuine

Don’t look at social media in the same way as general advertising. Social media is about building trust. If you make promises to consumers make sure you meet expectations.  Develop a voice and show the human element in your brand. Consumers want to relate, share your learnings, mistakes and personality. Let people in on the real-life action.


Target market

Use the channels that you see most traffic. Create posts and content that will drive readers to your website.



Involve your target audience. Ask questions, request feedback, make it easy for your target audience to engage. Your readers will recommend you and this will bring more recognition and in return more traffic, creating good conversion.


Always on

Social media never sleeps. Respond quickly to comments and messages. Thank visitors when they comment on a post or share your content. You will build a community this way.


Plan, plan, plan

You can never over plan. Schedule and create a routine. Plan for campaigns and optimise your opportunities.

Measure and analyse

Use the information available to you. Track conversion, reach and SEO. Use these to influence your efforts in creating content that performs well and that your target audience want to see. Listen to all comments positive and negative and take these on board to give an outstanding consumer experience.

All these key points can contribute to creative more reach and a larger audience on your social media channels. In the long term allowing you to work with a community of followers that value your skills and work and will effectively grow your business.


At CyberaDigital we know how consuming social media can be, we offer tailored social media workshops or social management for your business, allowing you to focus on the aspects of your business that need you.

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